Marriage Celebrants

With Marriage being in the news currently, then the question may arise, “How do I become a marriage celebrant?”

Well it is not that simple. You need to become qualified and become an Authorised Celebrant under the Part IV of the Marriage Act, 1961.

Ministers of Religion are registered as Marriage Celebrants after being nominated their Church or faith as Marriage Celebrants and are able to marry persons in accordance with their Church or faith throughout Australia.  Chaplains in the Armed Services have the ability to solemnize marriages overseas where one person is in the Australian Defence Force.

Registrars of Births Deaths and Marriages are also by their Office automatically Marriage Celebrants and most Registrars of Courts in rural NSW are able to perform marriages.  Also most Australian diplomatic or consular officer in foreign countries are also authorised to perform marriages in those countries.

Otherwise to become a fully certified and authorised Marriage Celebrant, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, be of good character and attend the correct training and showcase your knowledge surrounding marriage legislation. The relevant training that needs to be completed is a Certificate IV in Celebrancy which can be obtained at many registered training organisations including TAFE.

After vetting by Police and paying fees a person becomes Registered as a Marriage Celebrant and they may solemnise marriages at any place in Australia at any time subject to the Act and provided the Bride and Groom give at least 1 months notice to the Celebrant in writing of their intention to marriage.  Instant marriages are not possible.

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