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The legal team at RMB Matthews Williams offers professional, friendly and easy to understand advice. If you don’t find what you are looking for on this page, please contact us.

Conveyancing & Property Law

A large amount of  our work at RMB Matthews Williams revolves around Conveyancing and other property transactions such as Commercial and Rural Leases, Mortgages to secure loans or advances.  All our Solicitors are constantly involved in this area of the law whether it be buying and selling houses or buying and selling businesses.  We also represent a large number of clients who buy and sell farms.

In any of these sales there can be many and varied pitfalls for the unwary purchaser and legal advice before signing anything is very important.  There can be a lot of pitfalls in leasing buildings or farms and that is why you need good reliable advice on these matters before committing to such deals.

Whilst our firm does not lend money on behalf of clients, Allen Duggan has had many years experience in mortgage work and can be of assistance to those who are looking to have security over loans they have given.

With Conveyancing please note that we normally charge a flat fee plus the costs of searches and registrations so ask one of our Solicitors what fees we will charge.

Family Law

Family Law

Danielle Cartwright offers realistic advice and assistance aimed towards resolving relationship issues and disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible whilst appreciating the emotional stresses you are experiencing.

She realises that to achieve a realistic settlement at an early stage will provide to you both financial and emotional benefits as well as minimising the potential for conflict with the other party whom you will often have a continuing association with (especially when children are involved).


Compensation / Litigation

Anne Barlow can help you with all your Compensation and Personal Injury enquiries. These include Work Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Asbestos Claims, Public Place Accidents, Coal Miners Compensation Claims, Medical Negligence, Victim of Assaults or Acts of Violence, Comcare Claims, Total & Permanent Disablement Claims, Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Claims and Sexual and Physical Abuse Claims. We can also assist with Unfair dismissal claims, Superannuation Claims, Neighbourhood Disputes and where Insurers are refusing to payout claims.

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Wills & Probate

As we all succumb to death at some stage in our life, we all need good practical advice of how to ensure wills are made that will be legally enforceable and after death how to efficiently obtain grants of Probate or Letters of administration from the Supreme Court. 

The Family Provision Act (which allows some people to make claims out of deceased estates) is becoming a common area of dispute. It is important that Executors and Beneficiaries of Estates get good sound advice early on in the process as this may save in legal costs later on.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Peter Martin heads our Criminal Law Division with a number of Solicitors regularly practicing in the Criminal Law area.  Know your right if you are charged with a crime by Police is one thing but also it is important to know what likely penalties might be imposed by a Court if found guilty is also something that our Solicitors can give good sound advice on.

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Lots of businesses have problems with recovering monies owed from former clients or customers.  RMB Matthews Williams can offer good advice and assistance to those who want to recover monies owed.  Some advice might not be what you want to hear but it might be cost effective. 


Powers Of Attorney

In this day and age we get constant requests to explain about Powers of Attorney, enduring guardianships and other important issues relating to our Senior Citizens.  Please feel free to contact any of our Solicitors for such advice.

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