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Compensation & Injury Law

Anne Barlow can help you with all your Compensation and Personal Injury enquiries. You may be entitled to compensation if you:-

  • have been injured at work.
  • have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.
  • have a condition as a result of exposure to asbestos or other dusts.
  • have been injured following a slip or fall in a public place.
  • have been injured due to medical negligence.
  • have been subjected to sexual or physical abuse.
  • if you cannot work –  to a Total & Permanent Disablement benefit (insurance attached to your superannuation account). 

Click here to view our brochure for more information about the types of compensation you might be entitled to.

We can also assist with Unfair dismissal claims, Superannuation
Claims, Neighbourhood Disputes and where Insurers are refusing to payout claims

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