Celebrating Excellence: RMB Crowned Best Regional/Suburban Law Firm in Australia

Lawyers Weekly proudly unveils the exceptional victors of this year’s esteemed Australian Law Awards. The much-anticipated 23rd edition of the Lawyers Weekly Annual Australian Law Awards unfolded on the evening of Friday, August 11, 2023, at Sydney’s iconic Star venue. As legal professionals and firms gathered under the glittering lights, the nation paid tribute to their unwavering commitment to the legal realm. A grand total of 40 luminaries emerged as triumphant recipients, claiming their well-deserved trophies across 39 categories that spanned both individual and group submissions, culminating in the crowning of the recipient of the coveted Excellence Award – a distinction bestowed upon the highest-scoring individual laureate.

Shining a spotlight on regional excellence, RMB Lawyers emerged as a standout in this year’s awards, claiming the title of the best Regional/Suburban Law Firm. Craig Osborne, the Managing Partner, expressed his elation, stating, “Winning this prestigious award reinforces the merit of building legal capability in regional towns. This award not only reflects the team’s hard work and determination; it is also recognition of their commitment to support our clients through every step of their life’s journey.” The accolade serves as a testament to RMB Lawyers’ unwavering commitment to offering expert legal guidance, enriched with a human touch, to countless clients across Australia.

This monumental achievement would not have been possible without the steadfast support of everyone who has rallied behind RMB Lawyers. As the curtain falls on this year’s Australian Law Awards, the legal community stands united in celebrating the dedication, passion, and exceptional contributions that continue to shape the legal landscape. With each trophy awarded and each victory celebrated, the legacy of the Australian Law Awards grows stronger, igniting a renewed spirit of excellence that will undoubtedly inspire the legal profession for years to come.

The Australian Law Awards is not merely an occasion; it’s a resounding acknowledgment of the tireless efforts undertaken by legal professionals and firms in propelling the legal sector toward new horizons. With a resolute mission to honor those who have displayed unwavering dedication, the event gathered over 900 esteemed members of the legal fraternity. Amidst cheers and camaraderie, peers celebrated one another’s accomplishments and fostered invaluable connections with pioneering leaders in the field.

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