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Why are minutes of your meeting essential?

The answer is that they are required by Section 50 the Associations Incorporation Act, 2009 and must be kept by the Secretary.  Similarly corporations are required to keep minutes of meetings too.  Members may at all reasonable times inspect the minutes although Shareholders of corporations have only limited ability to view minutes of Directors meetings. …

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New Motor Accidents Statue

The NSW Parliament has passed the Motor Accident Injuries Act, 2017 which changes and limits what claims maybe made on your green slip insurance policy. The new Statute will commence on or about 1st December, 2017 and will apply to motor vehicle accidents occurring after its commencement. The existing Statute applies until then. For those …

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What is Civil Litigation?

Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. It is not a Criminal prosecution but rather a Civil matter.  Civil Litigation is typically settled by agreement between the parties, but may also be heard and decided by a magistrate or judge in court …

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What is Compensation Law?

Compensation may be defined as ‘A monetary remedy that is awarded to a person who has sustained damages or an injury and it is given in order to replace the loss caused by the damage done or injury sustained.’  The most common injury claims are related to Workers injuring themselves at work or travelling to …

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