Green Slip Changes

A state wide campaign highlighting the key benefits that will be lost under the NSW Government’s proposed changes to CTP Green Slip Insurance has been launched by the Law Society of NSW. “CTP Changes Adding Insult to Injury” aims to increase public understanding of the key benefits currently covered by their CTP Green Slip insurance. …

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Bankruptcy what happens?

Upon being made a Bankrupt, your house maybe sold, your bank account (if it has credit funds) belongs to your Trustee in Bankruptcy, your business may be sold by the Trustee, your shares in companies go the Trustee, any tools of trade above $3700 goes to the Trustee and any other assets go the Trustee …

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Noise Pollution

Everyone has experienced at some time nuisance noise coming from a neighbour’s property. What to do? It depends on the type and frequency of the noise. The Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POE) sets out in considerable detail regulations which apply to all sorts of domestic appliances and machinery, internal and external. It deals …

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